About Us

Faaiza Carrim

Cobaltorino Neva Masquerade Siberian Cat Breeder

Our Cobaltorino journey started in 2010 after a long search to find a hypo-allergenic cat. I had developed cat allergies after the birth of my children. Having had cats all my life I suddenly found that I was highly allergic to our cats. (We had 2 Burmese cats, an Abyssinian cat and a Somali cat at the time. I had also rescued many feral cats over the years.)

Along came our first Siberian after a 2 year wait on the breeder's waiting list. It was love at first sight. I was able to spend time with my kitten without any of the annoying allergic reactions. The most amazing thing about our Siberian was not the hypo-allergenic properties but the wonderful character of this cat. He was so affectionate, trusting and calm. Just a few moments with him melted all your troubles away. 

That's how our love story with the Siberian breed began and in 2015 we took the decision to become registered breeders of Neva Masquerade Siberians. In doing so we bring the love of a cat to so many people who are allergic to cats and no longer need to be deprived of it. We are also able to bring so much joy to people when they discover what a Siberian cat truly is. A cat that will greet you when you come home, will be a companion and never leave your side, and will climb into your lap at every opportunity. Yet when you need space they will just be in your surroundings and exude a calmness into your life. They are playful, pleasant, adorable, extremely sweet-natured and trust you absolutely. They are very empathic and seem to know exactly what you need. 

As a lover of all cat breeds, and having known many different breeds, I feel that the Neva Masquerade Siberian is like the royalty of all cat breeds. Their looks and character put them in a league of their own. I am grateful that my cat allergies brought me the blessing of discovering how wonderful these cats are. I truly hope to share my love of this breed with many people. 

Award for completion of the PawPeds G1 international cat breeders course. Click on the rosettes for more information.

Award for completion of PawPeds G2.

Award for completion of the highest level of an internationally recognised cat-breeding course, PawPeds G3!